College Preparation for Vocalists


The leap from a high school music program to one at the college level can be overwhelming for even the most prepared student.  

In many cases, along with a singing audition, the prospective student is required to take placement examinations that assess their basic musicianship skills. These exams may include basic music theory, aural skills, sight reading, and fundamental piano skills. While some universities administer these exams to simply place students in the appropriate classes, the process can be overwhelming and intimidating if the student is unprepared or does not know what to expect.

Having successfully navigated this path herself, Erin is effective in preparing the aspiring college vocalist. Preparation includes:

  • Classical voice technique
  • College Music Program application and audition assistance
  • Music preparation - how a student should properly study and prepare their musical score and character
  • Sight reading
  • Aural skills
  • Fundamentals of music theory
  • Beginning piano skill
  • Language diction

Erin has consulted with her college voice instructors concerning skills that they would find helpful and preferential in incoming freshman. She will assess where you are at and what you need to learn in order to give you a jump start in your college pursuit.

Begin your student’s college preparation now.  Call Erin Hackett at (619)537-9337 or e-mail to