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You would not be reading this page were you not committed to the education and development of your child. The parents of students I work with want their child to receive dedicated music instruction in a learning environment that is both challenging AND fun. You want to know that your hard-earned educational dollars are being invested in teaching your child skills that will enrich their life --- their entire life.  If this sentiment reflects your goals, please read the background material in this site and give me a call to arrange an introductory meeting.

Pre-College Vocalists
Many young vocalists do not know what to expect when entering a university music program and often find themselves surprised and intimidated with the application process, auditioning, testing, and expectations upon entering a School of Music. University programs are interested in more than simply “a pretty voice.” 
I will prepare you for your admission and transition into a quality level college vocal program to the extent made possible by your talent and willingness to work (See College Preparation page). I hope to give my students a head-start that will make this exciting transition as seamless and enjoyable as possible. 

My instruction is designed to teach my students an understanding of music and singing as an art that has a spirit that transcends technical execution. We have all chosen to study music and develop our talents for the same reason – we have all experienced a personal, emotional connection while listening to a musical performance that gave us goosebumps or brought tears to our eyes. Fine musicianship involves much more than executing the correct notes and rhythms. My desire is that my students not only become competent singers and pianists, but that they become performing artists.


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